Green Card May Be Denied Under A New US Proposal That Could Hit Indians

The Trump administration may deny green cards to immigrants who have availed or may avail government benefits including food and cash assistance under new rules which could negatively affect hundreds...

Indian-Origin Man, Two Others Sentenced For Cyber Crime In US

An Indian-origin man is among three persons sentenced for their roles in staging a cyberattack that brought down huge swathes of the internet and infected over 100,000 US-based computing devices

Indian Duped $30000 For Visa In New Zealand. She May Be Deported: Reports

A woman Indian IT professional in New Zealand was allegedly duped by three men who took 33,000 dollars from her in return for work visas for jobs that did not exist, and is now facing deportation for...

Indian-Origin Man Arrested For Racial Abusing South African President

A former Indian-origin city councillor in South Africa has been arrested for allegedly making derogatory racist comments against President Cyril Ramaphosa in a video posted on Facebook.

Republican Party Apologises For "Offensive" Ad Featuring Lord Ganesha

The ruling Republican party in the US has apologised to the Hindu community, after a newspaper advertisement featuring Lord Ganesha, intended to win their support in Texas ended up "offending" them.