Covid-19's impact on Mayflower commemoration seen as ironic by some

Dozens of events — from art exhibits and festivals to lectures and a maritime regatta featuring the Mayflower II, have been postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

'Outrage marketing': Gucci gets bashed on Twitter for Rs 1 lakh grass-stained o...

As part of its new collection, Gucci is selling grass-stained overalls that look pretty well-worn for $1400 (Rs 1,02,878) and passing it off as ‘grunge’, but Twitter would have none of it.

Work from home in comfort with these affordable and stylish flip flops

Flip flops cushion the footbeds, are airy, comfortable, perfect for the indoors while also being quite stylish. Here are some interesting and unique flip flop designs that come at very affordable prices for you to check out:

From self-help books to the Harry Potter series: Must-have books to add to your...

From historical books and exciting literary works to art and self-help books, there is so much to chose from and so many subjects to explore, that one can never tire or get bored of reading. Here are some of the best ones from our collection, check them out:

Don't Give Up on Recycling Plastic

The world won’t stop producing and consuming plastic any time soon; total waste volumes are expected to nearly double by 2030. Recycling will be essential to managing all that trash, especially in the future.