It's the best time to buy a house, but not if you want to make money out of it

By Renu Sud KarnadIn the last 40 years that HDFC has been in business, has never seen a better time for the housing sector in India than it is witnessing today. The sector is in a sweet spot as the thrust given to housing has been extremely beneficial not only for developers but also homebuyers and lenders.

What demographic dividend? 10 crore Indian youths have low skills

India no longer enjoys the advantage of demographic dividend as it's saddled with crores of youngsters with low skills unsuited to the economy, claimed a human resources and education expert.The Chairman of Manipal Global Education, T V Mohandas Pai claimed that the country already has ten crore people in the 21-35 age-group with bad skills, unsuited for the economy."There is no democraphic dividend," he told PTI."Because of the failure of the UPA era (2004-2014), we will add another ten crore by 20 crore in the 21-45 age group with low skills, low education."An information tec

You don't want to know how Amazon, Flipkart & Paytm deal with your data

BENGALURU: The privacy policies of Indian consumer applications like Paytm and Flipkart do not offer the same range of data ownership and user rights as seen in international policies.This may change as the Srikrishna Committee is in the final stages of drafting the data protection bill, which will address a range of issues like consent, data localisation, ownership, purpose restrictions and the like.“I think privacy policies (in India) need to be a lot more descriptive and detailed,” said Sameer Nigam, chief executive of payments company PhonePe.

FY19 FMCG growth should be better than in FY18: Adi Godrej 

Adi Godrej, Chairman, Godrej Group, tells ET Now that the Indonesia business is picking up again and the group expects to do much better there in FY19 than the preceding year.Edited excerpts: When we look back at the sectors that have outperformed so far, it continues to be FMCG which is at the helm of the growth story. In 2018 itself, the sector has grown by almost 13.5%. How is the landscape going to change from here onwards? Can you manage to beat the growth of 13.5% in the year to come? Growth will be good. GST is fully in place.

Higher duty unlikely to hit Harley in major way

Harley-Davidson, the iconic American bike, is at the centre of a trade battle between India and the US. But a higher duty is unlikely to significantly impact one of the world’s bestknown motorcycle brands.If US president Donald Trump has used tariffs on Harley-Davidson as a symbol of Indian protectionism, the government too has opted to counter the American administration’s move to raise import duty on some steel and aluminium products by targeting the premium bike for additional duty, along with 29 other products — such as almonds, fresh apples and walnuts.